Actress Revealed Having Intimate Scenes With Sam Milby

If you want to be considered as a good actress or actor, then you must make sure that you will be a versatile one. Versatility in showbiz and in acting does not mean you can paly and memorize all the lines of whatever character you play. Versatility means being able to perfectly give life to a character on our own style, but you must make sure that you can still identify with the given role. That is why many starlets become famous suddenly. Some of them are able to do just everything you ask them to.

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Yen Santos is considered to be one of the leading actresses today. Many directors love her versatility because she can play whatever role you give her form being a plain probinsyana up to being a sexy haciendera. She really knows not only to act but to interact. She can easily make a connection between herself and her co-actor.

This is the reason why many fans are incredibly waiting for her series, “Halik” which will be released by ABS-CBN. Yen was paired with the ultimate hunk, Sam Milby.

In a press conference held last July 24, the two enticed the audience more as they revealed that they have intimate scenes together. These steamy moments are definitely one of the things that the audience must watch out.

What is more interesting is the fact that Yen shared what happened during their taping and how she gets along with her leading man. Yen even jokingly revealed that Sam Milby really put his all out during the shoot.

“May isang eksena na very passionate yung scene, mapusok talaga” Yen revealed.

She continued saying that Sam was really passionate during the entire scene.

“Kasi parang sobrang totoo na parang konti na lang, kakainin na niya yung buong lips ko! Nadadala sa mga eksena!”

Because of her revelation, many netizens turned more excited to see the show. Yen and Sam are co-stars with Jericho Rosales and Yam Concepcion who played as a married couple.

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Source: Pilipinofeed

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