Ronnie Alonte says he feels sad about his misunderstanding with Loisa Andalio

Ronnie Alonte admits to the public that he and rumored girlfriend Loisa Andalio are going through a rough patch. Ronnie and Loisa recently posted tweets that made it seem like they have some sort of misunderstanding. After confirming it, Ronnie kept hush about other details about their relationship. “Hindi ko lang alam, siguro sa amin na lang yung dalawa, private.” he told PEP.

Ronnie added that despite the misunderstanding, he and Loisa remain as friends. He expressed his sadness and hopes that they will soon get over it. “Sana soon, maayos. Kung kami talaga, kami talaga.”

Based Loisa’s Instagram and Twitter posts the actress says that she loves Ronnie and that he is the only one for her. Ronnie also admits that he loves Loisa and that he is hurt with what is happening between them. “Mahal ko rin naman siya, sobra-sobra. Kaya nga sobra akong nalungkot nung medyo mayroon kaming di pagkakaintindihan, hindi ako sanay”. Ronnie added “kung Diyos nga nakakapagpatawad, ako pa kaya?” he expects to be able to mend things with Loisa soon after they talk about their issues.

He shared that having rough patches is normal in all relationships. He also thanked his fans for continuously supporting them. However, he admitted that there are those that he ignores. This includes people who judge them and throw negative comments about him and Loisa.

As of now, Ronnie revealed that he is tries to stay away from social media for him to avoid reading tweets about them. “Hindi na ako nagtu-Twitter ngayon. Sa ngayon wala muna.”

Due to their busy schedules, Ronnie and Loisa barely have time to talk. Loisa is often busy shooting for her projects under ABS-CBN. Meanwhile, Ronnie does his part as a member of Hashtags and works every day for the hit noontime show, “It’s Showtime.”

Source: PEP

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