Daughters get a smacking from their mother after being caught twerking on cam

Viral videos nowadays include Vines, cute animals, and hilarious home videos. However, these two sisters thought of another way to gain online fame, but things didn’t go exactly as they planned.

Everything seemed to be going well as they played their choice of music. One of them immediately posed in front of the camera and began twerking to the rhythm of the song. A few seconds later, her sister followed suit.


It was not very long until their mother enters the room. She’s seen holding a laundry basket and instantly became frustrated with what her daughters were doing. Without any word, she immediately took off her one of her slippers and started hitting both of her daughters in the back.

The identities of the daughters and the mother were never revealed. People think that they are Spanish due to the music the sisters used for what was supposed to be a twerking video.

Indeed, moms know best. In fact, a lot of netizens reacted in support of the mother. Most of them said what the mother did was just right. Some even added that the sisters shouldn’t disrespect themselves like that. To others, if they were the parent, they would’ve done a lot worse.

These girls aren’t the first ones to ever make a twerking video gone wrong. It only takes searching “Twerks gone wrong” and hundreds of failed twerking videos would pop up. However, the beauty of the internet is not limited to twerk fails, because there are thousands of other fail videos that are equally hilarious.


On Facebook and Twitter, you can find almost every internet fail there is. Since people love internet crazes and challenges there are bound to be some content creators who failed astoundingly in doing said challenges.

Here are some of the netizens’ reaction:


Watch the video below:

Source: Pilipinofeed

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