Kat Ramnani talks about her stunning weight transformation

Kat Ramnani, the beautiful fiancée of OPM singer Christian Bautista, opened up about her impressive weight transformation. In a tell-all interview with Metro.Style, the bride-to-be narrated how she achieved the goal of shedding 70 pounds!

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“I used to be 200 lbs. And with my height of 5’4. I was considered morbidly obese.”

According to her, it’s more of the overall health rather than looking sexy and attractive that prompted her to change her life. So, as a result, Kat Ramnani started to let go off her unhealthy lifestyle which included her vices. She exchanged all of these things with a balanced diet and exercise.

“At first, I didn’t work out or anything. Then afterward, I decided to do portion control in my meals. After six years, I finally became 118 lbs.”

Since then, Kat also began eating in moderation despite already subscribing to a healthy diet. She recently updated us that it may have been hard at the beginning but things soon became normal.

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“Now, I eat anything I want. But I stay away from processed food. I eat rice and potatoes. If I am going to put it inside my body, it has to be worth it. I have a cheat meal a week. Because of a cheat day kind of rolls over into another cheat day. I am a huge sansrival person. I love sylvanas and donuts, too. Your body is going to crave for things.”

Soon after adjusting to her eating habits, this driven woman eventually decided to undergo physical workout sessions.

“You have to address one issue at a time. So I dealt with my appetite and nutrition first, before allowing my body to work out hard. I’ve learned you do not have to make your body go through a lot of changes at the same time. One issue at a time will do.”

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