Get to know the stars of GMA and ABS-CBN who are of the same age

GMA Network and ABS-CBN more often than not clash with each other in a fight for higher ratings for their shows. It is imperative for them to have the highest rating as much as possible as this can also determine the popularity of their shows and their profit. In order to keep their shows popular and keep the audience hooked, aside from creating stories and scripts that is interesting to the viewers, it is also vital for them to choose the right actor for the roles in their shows. It is important to have an actor that is not only visually appealing but talented as well. This gives rise to the competition between celebrities and their fans of who is more beautiful and talented than who. However, there are sometimes instances that the people are not aware that certain actor in this network is of the same age of another actor in the other network. We will give a list of these actresses so keep reading!

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First off are Myrtle Sarosa and Kim Rodrigues who are both 24 years of age. Myrtle has won in the show Pinoy Big Brother and enjoys doing roles in various shows, while Kim is currently in the show Inday Will Always Love You and aims to be a professional DJ someday. They are both beautiful in their own ways. In addition to the list are Julia Montes and Maine Mendoza who are both 23 years old this year. Julia Montes is known as a dramatic actress and has various leading man, she started as antagonist in Mara Clara but has later on gained her own shows as the protagonist. Maine Mendoza on the other hand was discovered online on her dubsmashes. She became popular when she became a regular guest in Eat Bulaga known as Yaya Dub and paired up with Alden Richard which has gained a lot of fans.

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Another actresses on our list are the 22-year olds Kathryn Bernardo and Sanya Lopez. They both have different look and style, but they both have morena beauty which a lot of people admired. Kathryn known as the teen queen, who has captured the hearts of her fans because of her versatility as an actress, may it be RomCom, drama, or fantasy-action, she can slay it all. While Sanya is an actress, model, and host who has appeared in various shows in GMA. Other actresses who are of the same age are Miles Ocampo and Bea Binene, Maris Racal and Barbie Forteza, and Julia Barretto and Mikee Quintos, all of them 21 years of age shining in their own beauty and style.

Can you guess other actresses who are of the same age? Share with us and comment down!

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