Pokwang’s Simple Life

Marietta Subong, better known as Pokwang, is a Filipino comedian, actress, television host, and singer. She is known for her both her comedic prowess and her acting skills. She got her first lead role in the 2011 film “A Mother’s Love”, where she played the role of an overseas Filipino worker. She also starred in other films such as “Mercury is Mine” and “Edsa Woolworth”.

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She can make you laugh and make you cry at the same time. She can also make you feel loved. She is a sweet and caring mother to her children and daughter to her mother.

In her Instagram video, she showed her and her mom’s meal of munggo (mung bean stew) and danggit (salted, sun-dried rabbitfish). She was taking care of her mother who doesn’t have enough strength to eat on her own.

Pokwang loves to live a simple life despite her fame. Her social media accounts show her family’s simple everyday life. It also shows how much she loves simple food. This is evident in her Instagram account where she once posted a picture of isaw (barbecued chicken intestines) which she ate while waiting in a set.

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Pokwang was the seventh among 11 siblings. Before she became an actress, she worked as a dancer in Japan to earn money for her family. She stopped working in Japan when she got pregnant. After some time, she went to Abu Dhabi to work as a domestic worker. She was working there when her son got diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his brain. She couldn’t return to the country because her employer wouldn’t let her. Her son passed away while she was still in Abu Dhabi. After her contract, she decided to stay in the country to take care of her daughter.

Pokwang didn’t immediately rose to fame, but her perseverance and determination brought her to where she is today. She won several awards because of her talent. She was awarded Best Comedy Actress twice. The first was during the 21st PMPC Star Awards for TV for her portrayal in “Aalog-Alog”, and the second was during the 26th PMPC Star Awards for TV for her role in “Toda Max”.

See how simple she is in this video:

Pokwang is one of the stars who, despite of her achievements and fame, stayed humble and simple. She really is a star to look up to for inspiration in life.

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