Lovely family receives unbelievable surprise from a stranger they helped at a family picnic

“OFW Go Home Project” is a Facebook page catering to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and Filipinos with OFW relatives. Their mission is to help any willing OFW and their family start a business so that they won’t have to be separated ever again. If you check their page out, you’d see that they post tons of news about business, helpful tips, and inspiring stories.

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The page recently posted a story that struck the hearts of netizens everywhere. It revolves around a woman named Mimi and her lovely family. Like most of us, they also practice a weekly tradition after attending Sunday mass.

Old Poverty City Abandoned Poor Beggar Tourist

Their tradition happens to be going to a family picnic. In this story, Mimi and her husband prepared adobo which happens to be their kids’ favorite meal. After the mass, they immediately went to the park, which was right next to the church, laid down their picnic cloth, and prepared their food.

Family shaking out picnic blanket in park

Now, it’s known that most Filipinos love to feed people. We have tons of customs that call for families to invite people over to their house or even ask strangers to eat with them. Although the latter part is mainly figurative, the stranger that Mimi asked took the offer. He definitely looked starved and seemed to live on the streets.

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The couple gladly offered him food and made him feel comfortable. After his meal, he thanked the family for their kindness and left a black bag. When the couple called the man’s attention about the bag he left, the man said that he purposely left the bag for the family as payment for their generosity. Upon looking inside, Mimi and her husband saw that it was filled with cash!

This fictional story should inspire us to be kind to others. It shows us that having a good heart will ultimately lead to blessings and that we shouldn’t do good only because we expect something good in return.

Here are the comments from the netizens:

Remember that this family did not know this man had a bag of cash before they openly shared their food. We must keep in mind that not expecting anything in return is always the best way to help.

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