Disabled vendor ‘Kuya George’s’ persistence inspires everyone

Earning money is not easy. Whatever your job or career might be, you will always have to give your best in order to succeed. It doesn’t matter if whether you’re a street vendor or a big time CEO of your own company. Success has a different meaning to every individual. For “Kuya George” Belarmino, success is being able to earn enough for his family everyday despite him being a disabled vendor.

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Kuya George is from Tiaong, Quezon and he is a PWD who works as a vegetable vendor. Kuya George sells vegetables from his motorcycle sidecar which is customized to fit his needs as a disabled person. Photos of him went viral on Facebook after he was captured in his sidecar filled with vegetables. He became an instant inspiration to others.

Unfortunately, back in 2014, Kuya George was robbed by 3 men while he was selling his vegetables. Besides being robbed, Kuya George was also battered up afterwards. He was confined in a hospital for days. Netizens helped by donating money for his recovery, and just like that he was back to selling his vegetables again.

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A year later and he was robbed again. This time the incident occurred inside the comforts of his own home. The robbers threatened his family if he wouldn’t give him his earnings. Again, netizens showed their compassion towards him. They donated money for Kuya George to be able to buy vegetables that he would again sell around Quezon.

Today, the hardworking disabled vendor is still selling vegetables with his sidecar. He continues to work hard for his family. He shows us that we can get through any misfortune and hardship life throws at us. He exhibits what hard work and perseverance truly means. Kuya George will should always serve as an inspiration to us all, especially the PWDs who work just as hard as everyone else.

Here are the comments from the netizens:

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