Empowering: Model Mara Martin walks down runway while breastfeeding

During a swimwear catwalk for Sports Illustrated, model Mara Martin’s name made its way into headlines as she used the platform to help in normalizing breastfeeding. Many hailed and commended the model for using to the avenue to empower and inspire women, especially mothers.

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According to Mara Martin, the pleasant incident wasn’t planned at all but she is certainly pleased to know that many are inspired by her act. In the caption of her Instagram post, Mara described how humbling the experience has been.

“I can’t believe I am waking up to headlines with me and my daughter in them for doing something I do every day,” said Mara in her post.

Naturally, Mara still used the attention she has been getting to acknowledge the stories of many women who also deserve to be in the headlines. Mara mentions the story of a woman who is going to a boot camp in two weeks, another who just had a mastectomy, and one cancer survivor who is a two time Paralympic gold medalist and also a mother herself.

Mara is truly grateful for the experience because she had the chance to represent all the mothers out there, and that she is able to let them know that breastfeeding is a natural and normal thing and that all women can do it.

However, not everyone feels this way; many people shared their negative views on the incident and called Mara an attention seeker. Mara’s best friend, Samantha Montroy Purcell could not help but reply to all the negativity and shared the heartwarming back story of how the incident occurred.

According to Samantha, Mara spent 12 hours wearing heels during casting while holding her baby, the staff and crew loved her baby and suggested that they should do one of her walks with her daughter. It just so happened that the baby was hungry at the time that Mara was about to walk down, and the whole incident just naturally happened.

“Is is ‘necessary’ to have a woman with a prosthetic leg on the runway? No, but they did it, and that was beautiful too. The whole point of SI doing an open casting was to celebrate all types of women, including moms,” said Mara’s best friend.

Even though some people had mixed feelings, Mara’s walk down the runway while breastfeeding surely created a strong statement of support for all the women out there!

Here are the comments from the netizens:

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