‘Possessed’ maid makes an appearance in front of the CCTV camera of her employer’s apartment

Nowadays, new innovations are created in order to keep the safety of our family homes. One of these innovations is the CCTV camera which records hours and hours of footage in certain places in order to see the things that happen there. These things have been present in both public places and of course private ones like our homes.

It is a good gadget especially when a parents want to watch what their kids are doing while they’re away. It can also be helpful in solving worst cases happening in the area it is installed in. A CCTV recording can provide solid evidences for certain situations.

In a family apartment in Singapore, a CCTV camera was able to record something rather unusual. Employer Nurul Baker was completely surprised when saw something unexpected show up in front of their camera. As she watched the footage, she noticed a female zombie-like figure bent forward, with hands behind her back. The video instantly went viral as it was posted and freaked out dozens of netizens.

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Baker claimed that her maid was apparently possessed by a spirit during the time that the house was empty. Though many viewers got scared, there were also those who accused the maid of faking the possession so that she would get fired by her employer in order to return to her home country.

A certain Justin Chen made an observation an said that the “possessed” maid knew where the camera was and purposely did the act while facing that direction, meaning she wanted to be seen. Chen continued by saying that the apartment owner should let her go before she tries other antics like poisoning their food. She clearly does not want to work for that family anymore. Another netizen, Enzo Lumpkins said that he experienced the same thing with one of his maids. He said that he had already seen the same method and that Nurul should not fall for it.

Despite all the mixed reactions the video got, it is safe to agree that the CCTV still did its job and was able to capture something important. Thanks to the comments on social media, it was also able to send a precaution to the owners about the people that they are allowing to live under their roof.

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Source: dailystar

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