People Discovered Historical Artifacts Buried in a Body of Muck

The Canal-Saint-Martin in Paris, France is one of the oldest waterways in the city being centuries-old. It is also once one of the most beautiful but throughout the years, it had transformed into becoming the dirtiest waterway of the area. Canal-Saint-Martin measures 4.5 kilometers and due to its filth, it has to be cleaned out periodically.

Canal-Saint-Martin was constructed during 1802 as ordered by Napoleon himself. Its main purpose was to provide fresh water for the city’s fast growing population. It also serves as an economical asset for the city for it serves as an avenue for commerce, trading, etc. The construction fund came from France’s wine tax. With this background, the canal was indeed a witness and a part of France’s rich history.

It was in 2001 when the authorities drained and cleaned the canal for the first time. The amount of debris removed from the canal weighed 40 tons! The workers descended into the dirty water to slowly clean the canal. A bunch of garbage was pulled from the water. But it was not just garbage all throughout. There were also various objects and artifacts pulled from the muck.

Due to the filth, the water was almost unmoving making it possible for people to walk across it.

After draining the canal, they found a lot of wine bottles. Looks like people get drunk around the area and habitually throw their bottles in the canals. There are also thousands of abandoned bikes and mopeds. Some of the objects found looks like they’ve just been thrown recently.

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But most of the artifacts were old, as seen in them being covered mostly with mud.

But the people did not see these things as plain garbage. These objects gave them a sense of nostalgia; as if they’re looking at the remnants of a historical timeline. The canal holds memorabilia from past up to the present Paris, such as old cameras, boom boxes, coins, unexploded shells from the first World War, and even a car.

Despite its condition, the canal has been a house for its aquatic residents. The people were able to gather four tons of fish and moved them to a much safer location.

With the people’s constant effort to clean the canal, who knows, it might return back to its original look, a picturesque waterway in the city of Paris.

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