Is Julia Montes engaged?

The 23-year-old sought-after actress, Julia Montes have finally answered speculations and rumors caused by a photo she posted on Instagram where she can be seen wearing an alleged engagement ring.

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Mara Hautea Schnittka otherwise known as Julia Montes is a Filipina actress under the Kapamilya network. The young actress had her big break after her remarkable portrayal as Clara on the remake of Mara Clara. She was also paired with the famous actor and Primetime King Coco Martin in the hit TV Series ‘Walang Hanggan’

After the hit project, rumors quickly spread claiming that the ‘Walang Hanggan’ love team is in a real relationship but the two refused to deny nor confirm the issue. Still, Coco and Julia insists that they are special to each other without revealing the real score between them.

This lead for the Julia’s fans to wonder if the engagement ring wore=n by the actress on the photo was given by Coco. Numerous netizens assumed that Coco and Julia took their relationship to the next level, although some fans of the actor denied the issue by saying that the design of the ring is way too simple for Coco’s taste.

However, sources say that the ring was for Julia’s role on her ongoing intense drama series ‘Asintado’. It was a teaser produced by the actress to give a hint on what will happen to Ana. Meanwhile, other fans noticed the emojis on the photo. They claim that it is a part of her upcoming project with Kean Cipriano which is a Brillante Mendoza film.

In an interview with, Montes thanked everyone who eagerly supports her new political drama television series, “Asintado” action-packed directed by Onat Diaz, Lino S. Cayetano, and Trina N. Dayrit. Julia Montes stars as Ana Dimasalang, a paramedic who became Gael’s nurse after saving him in an accident.

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