Liza Soberano is just like all of us

A video of Kapamilya star Liza Soberano has been going viral on social media after she was seen doing mundane household chores despite her extremely busy schedule.

Through these videos, the multi – awarded actress shows that she really is just like any one of us after she was first shown cooking some corned beef for breakfast.

She was later caught off guard after someone opened the bathroom door to find her on her knees scrubbing the floor, but instead of reacting or stopping, she simply continued with her task as if it was any normal day.

The video of the star of ABS-CBN’s Bagani made rounds all over social media which earned the star more respect from her fans.

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Videos like these only goes to show that despite her fame and status, Liza Soberano is a humble person who cooks her own food and cleans her own bathroom whenever she can.

Soberano was recently named as the Most Beautiful Face of 2017 according to TC Handler and The Independent Critics, a British movie critic.

At the start of the year, she was also awarded the Most Innovative TV Love Team with Enrique Gill during the 3rd Illumine Innovation Awards for television.

She was also named Box Office Queen for her movie My Ex and Whys with Enrique Gill during the 49th GMMSF Box – Office Entertainment Awards and was awarded as the Most Popular Love Team along with her partner Enrique Gill during the Golden Laurel LPU Batangas Media Awards.

The 20 – year – old actress has definitely proven her talent and skills time and time again with all her awards and her continuous stream of projects.

Soberano is currently the main star of ABS-CBN teleserye Bagani and is currently filming for the 2018 reboot of Darna where she will play the role of the acclaimed Filipino superhero.

Despite her busy schedule, it is truly amazing to see Soberano still make time for herself and her regular household chores.

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