Man removed slippers before entering a fast food chain

In most Asian countries, Asian people leave their footwears outside the house. It is part of the culture and tradition and most importantly, it is a sign of respect. We, Filipinos, are no new to that. After all, we, as visitors, do not want to carry the dirt and dust of our shoes inside the house.

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A photo of a man went viral after he took off his slippers before entering a fast food chain. People are divided as to whether the man did this because he was used to doing it or was being funny and sarcastic because he was welcomed by a wet floor sign.

The photos were taken by the person behind him. The photos displayed at how the man stopped at the entrance of the restaurant and instantly removed his slippers. He then carried it and entered the restaurant with poise.

In one of the photos, you can see one of the crew of the fast food was busily laughing at the man’s foolery.

There is a high possibility that this was just another prank by a set of friends. Well, after all, everything is enjoyable when you are with your friends doing something that would make others laugh.

While we, Filipinos, are aware of the tradition of removing our footwear before entering someone else’s house, we, definitely, are aware that public places, such as this, are exemption. Whatever this man is up to, he sure divided the netizens. While some found it funny and amusing, others thought that he might be serious about what he did. If he did this to go viral, well, obviously, he got what he wanted.

What do you think of this guy’s foolery?

Here are the comments from the netizens:

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Source: Philnews

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