Sports Reporter Dyan Castillejo received tirade after she addressed Pres. Duterte as ‘Your President’

People all over the world are still cheering for Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, for he once again brought pride to our country by bagging the victory for the WBA regular welterweight but foul words and harsh comments were thrown by the supporters of the president at the ABS-CBN sports reporter Dyan Castillejo after she referred to President Rodrigo Duterte as “your President”.

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After the victory of Manny Pacquiao in Axiata Arena in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last Sunday, Dyan Castillejo got to interview him. Here is a transcription of the said interview:

Dyan: “What a great performance, Manny. I’m sure you wanna address your fans all over the world and your president sitting way up there.”

Manny: “Mga Pilipino, maraming-maraming Salamat, lalo na sa ating mahal na pangulo. (To the Filipinos, thank you very much especially to our beloved president.) We have a good president, Rodrigo Roa Duterte. Thank you, Mr. President, for being our president.”

The supporters of the president did not like how Dyan addressed the president and quickly threw shade and harsh words to her. A lot of people expressed their tirade in social media including the broadcaster Jay Sonza and celebrity Arnell Ignacio.

In a post, Jay Sonza said:

“Dyan Castellejo [sic] Are you even a Filipino? Who is the president of your country? Sumagot ka (Answer me), ka.”

“If Dyan is not carrying or using a Filipino passport, I will grant her that ‘Your President’ address because she was doing an international broadcast (sa Tagalog, mapapalampas ko pa).”

“But even then, as a broadcaster, the cardinal rule is head of states must be properly address [sic] with their position and name first, then you can proceed with simple Mister (Mister Duterte) or Misis [sic] as the case maybe.”

Arnell Ignacio commented, “Sa mga ganyang pambabastos, makikita mo, mabait pa rin talaga si PRRD e. Sa nakaraan, pinatrabaho na ‘yan. (You can see that President Duterte is still good because before, with that rudeness, she might get her life taken away.)

Because of the incident, the veteran reporter is being accused and tagged as “Dilawan” (member of the opposition). Hate and foul words still continue to shower in social media.

Here are the comments from the netizens:

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