A giant sea creature was seen floating in the Persian Gulf

The ocean never ceases to amaze us, it being a very large body of water – its depths not yet fully reached, and its vastness not fully explored. It is no wonder that it still holds secrets that we don’t know of yet. We wish we know it, but we don’t. It holds and supports so many living organisms – some of those we have only seen in books, while some, well, not yet discovered. From the prehistoric creatures, carnivorous sea creatures, that don’t exist anymore (thank goodness for that!) to the “globsters” that were said to be bad omens telling us about an impending doom and oarfishes that were thought to predict earthquakes, the ocean gives us sneak peeks of what it beholds, which more often than not, scares us.

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Such was the case when the Iranian Navy found a carcass of a giant creature floating in the Persian Gulf. It was foul-smelling, it was gross, and it was really bewildering. They didn’t know what to make of it, so they took pictures of it and then it posted online.

People speculated about what it was. There speculations ranged from it being a sea monster to it being a whale.

“The blackened skin and vertebrae are a good giveaway,” said an internet user named Unidan, a marine biology expert. “I wish the pictures were a bit bigger so I could wager a guess at what kind it was, but it’s hard to make out,” he added.

Experts were yet to check it out to figure out what type of whale it might be, or whether or not it was really a whale.

The incident brought back the memories of a strange case of another floating carcass found by a Japanese fishing boat in 1977. At first this was thought to be a prehistoric plesiosaur (sea serpent), but scares were quelled when further testing showed that it was just a basking shark, the second largest living shark in the world.

The ocean will not stop amazing us. Are you ready for its wonders?

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