Ruffa’s Daughters Are All Grown Up, See Them Here!

Times are changing, and so are the interest of the ever-changing audience. If there’s one thing they always look for that is the next generation of celebrities who would entertain, inherit the royal family’s name, and eventually carve a name for oneself and bring honor to the houses they represent.

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Two of the most prominent names right now, are those of Lorin and Venice Gutierrez Bektas. Yes, your guess is right, they are the daughters of the highly affluent Miss World First Runner Up, Ruffa Gutierrez.

They have been taken out of the limelight to protect them and shield them from all the controversies surrounding their mother and father, who despite having a grandeur wedding, ended up splitting after a few years. Speculations have it, that it was due to Ylmaz’s violent ways and womanizing that ended up ruining his relationship with Ruffa.


The two split up after a very dramatic Rufa confessed their divorce on national television.

After that, there had been more freedom for both Lorin and Venice, although it is not fully realized. Since Ruffa is still in the headlines for dating younger men. The public was very much interested in her endeavors and dates, it was still not healthy for the two.

But now, their time has come, and when the public saw these two beauties, they can’t help but praise the wonderful face of Lorin and Venice. Ruffa is very proud of her daughters but when asked if she would allow them to join beauty contests, she only has one answer, “Enter the contest, with the right mindset.” Of course, of all the people, she knows first hand what joining a pageant competition should be about.

She also proudly told everyone that both her daughters are focused on their schooling and does not want to enter the showbiz at such a young age. But should they want to, she’ll be strict that they can only enter show business, once they graduate. That’s just what she wants, just like a normal parent would.

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See the beauty of Lorin and Venice here!

Source: ABS-CBN

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