Barbie Forteza Made A Statement You’ll Never Expect

Jak Roberto and Barbie Forteza might not be your usual couple. But no one can deny it, their chemistry is oozing and they look so good together.

Barbie Forteza started early in the business. Her first big break was being chosen to play as the young Rhian Ramos in the Filipino adaptation of Stairway to Heaven. Her beauty and impeccable acting skills, easily got the viewer’s and big wig’s attention. Since then, she has been a staple and constant Kapuso.

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Jak, on the other hand, might started out late but, it’s all about the timing. He is the brother of actress Sanya Lopez. These siblings truly looks good and they take #siblinggoals to the next level, quite literally.

The two first met each other in the romantic-comedy Meant to Be where Jak played as one of the leading men, together with Ivan Dorschner and Ken Chan.

Although they didn’t end up in the series, behind the scenes, their chemistry worked well enough to eventually let the two of them end up in real life.

Barbie says she was impressed with how Jak courted her. He courted her parents first and that really touched Barbie because that is not common with couples nowadays.

Jak, on the other hand, liked Barbie’s non diva attitude. How kind she is to everyone and how loveable her personality is. She is perfect in his eyes.

The two looked like extreme opposites: milk and coffee, so they say. Barbie is your usual mestiza with porcelain white skin. While Jak looks very Filipino with his brown, moreno complexion and large eyes.

Jak is one of the hottest Kapuso men currently, and it is mainly because of his perfect looking buns or rather abs.

The two are yet to be paired again for an onscreen engagement. But offscreen, it looks like they’re up for more loveable and unforgettable adventures together. Just recently, Barbie confessed that the two of them had been together for a year now, and it looks like they’ll have more years together.

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Source: GMA

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