Valuable Items were Found Inside a Goat’s stomach

Animal husbandry is one of the businesses that interests a lot of people as it is said to bring a lot of profit to the owner. Animal husbandry is about taking care and raising of farm animals like cow, goat, and pigs for their meat, milk, eggs, fur, and other things that can be produced by these animals. This kind of business is usually done in the rural area because a big space is necessary to establish and maintain this kind of business that most urban areas doesn’t have.

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Goat is one of the most sought after farm animal because of the products that it can offer like its meat, milk, and fur. There is also a high demand for goat’s meat because there cuisines where goat’s meat is the most appropriate meat to be used and because of the distinct flavour of its meat. Just like in Ajere, Ekori, Cross River State, where a goat was butchered for its meat to be eaten or to be sold for money. However, the residents were shocked to see that aside from the meat, there are other valuable things in the animal’s body that they were not expecting.

While gathering the meat of the animal, some of the butcherer where cleaning the internal organs of the goat, and they saw something in its intestines. They saw a lot of valuable metals in there including jewelries, coins, screws, and broken watch. They did not expect that they will get other valuable things in the goat that they can sell aside from its meat. They did not know that all this time the goat as fortunes waiting to be recovered. How these things got into the goat’s stomach is still unconfirmed, but the goat might have gotten in the fields where it is eating off grass and mistakenly took it for something edible.

What do you think about this incident?

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