The house that fame built: Check out the homes of the country’s top leading men

Buying your own house and lot is a huge milestone in any person’s life. It is not only a symbolic event of independence. It is also a physical representation of one’s hard work and perseverance through years and years of labor. These leading men know all about that.

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Check out the fruits of the labor of the country’s top leading men.

1. Daniel Padilla

He promised to buy his family a bigger house when he entered the industry. Although a part of a celebrity family, he is unashamed to say that at one point in his life he attended a public school. With his earnings, he was able to move his family into a 1000 square meter house and lot in a subdivision in Quezon City.

2. Enrique Gil

In 2016, he used his earnings to build a 5-floor beach house in Anilao, Batangas.

3. Alden Richards

This half of the famous AlDub love team bought a 300 square meter 2-story house for his family in Laguna. He did his own renovations but kept some original designs as well.

4. Coco Martin

The leading man bought a 2000 square meter property that has a resort-esque vibe.

5. Gerald Anderson

Gerald lives in a home that is described as “modern, masculine, but with a jolt of color.” Many people know of it due to the fact that it has been featured in numerous online articles and magazines.

6. Derek Ramsey

He personally designed and supervised the construction of his house located in Alabang which covers 600 square meters.

7. Dingdong Dantes

Despite marrying Marian Rivera, Dingdong did not move away from his bachelor home. Instead, he redesigned it and gave it an Asian-inspired look.

8. Piolo Pascual

Papa P wanted to help out his mother and his siblings so he invested his career earnings on properties in California and Nevada.

Based on the descriptions of these leading men’s houses, we can say that they have worked hard and have truly succeeded in life with their careers. We simply cannot wait to see what’s next for them in the future. We wish them all nothing but the best!

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Source: KAMI

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