These 12 Photos of Celebrity Moms with their Children Would Surely Make Your Heart Melt

Being a conservative country, the Philippines has a very rigid outlook in women being single mothers. We are very religious by virtue, and since it is written in the holy teachings that it is important to go forth and build a family. Many of us can’t seem to digest the fact, that there are families without a father, even if the reason is mainly because the guy is not ready to commit and settle down. Most of the time, the women take all the blame.

Despite this fact, single celebrity mothers continue to prove to everyone that it only takes a man and a woman to reproduce a child, but it only needs a woman to raise and give a child a good life.

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These 12 featured single mothers prove that everything is possible as long as there is unconditional love.

1. Jennylyn Mercado

She is hands down one of the busiest star in show business. After winning Best Actress, in 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival, she has been involved in a lot of projects, aside from being a consistent star in the following MMFF years but she still finds time to bond with her little son, Alex Jazz.

2. Andi Eigenmann

It has been a controversial series of events after Andi gave birth to baby Ellie. Social media and the press gorged up on the controversy regarding who the father is between Albie Casino and Jake Estrada. But now, Andi is living her life together with baby Ellie.

3. Ruffa Gutierrez

Ruffa Gutierrez is a true beauty queen, that’s why her two daughters, Venice and Lorin are also taking after her footsteps. Just look how beautiful these three are.

4. LJ Reyes

Her captivating beauty captivated the man of many girls’ dreams, Paulo Avelino. Just look how handsome their son is!

5. Marjorie Baretto

Despite her major break-up with comedian, Dennis Padilla, Marjorie continues to be a proud mom to their 4 children.

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6. Denise Laurel

The talented Denise Laurel still looks as fresh as when she started her career. But her son is also a gem for her.

7. Jodi Sta. Maria

The humble and talented actress, Jodi Sta. Maria is also a proud mom to his only son, Thirdy.

8. Vina Morales

She has one of the most iconic voices in the industry and her love for her daughter is also truly remrarkable.

9. Katrina Halili

Her inspiration to work and dream big comes from her daughter. Look at these two lovelies!

10. Sunshine Cruz

This hot mama, also has hot and beautiful children. She still looks young and they just look like sisters.

11. Kris Aquino

We all know who she is and we also know who her sons are. A royal family, indeed.

12. Phoemela Baranda

The gorgeous host also has a pretty daughter, Nicole. She entered PBB if you still remember it.

These mothers paint a picture of strong will, determination, and resilience. The world is a much better place with them in it.

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