Jovit Baldovino’s ex-girlfriend Shara Chavez is even more blooming now!

Everyone knows that when a woman decides to let go of a painful past, she goes through a transformation. A lot of Instagram users think that this is exactly what Shara Chavez went through recently. The former girlfriend of OPM singer Jovit Baldovino pleasantly surprised her social media followers when she debuted a much slender nose bridge.

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Of course, we can’t deny that this improvement can only be done under the knife. But it seems like everyone is a fan of the changes that Shara Chavez made. Some people commented that before, Shara looked like Judy Ann Santos but now, the mother-of-one resembled a youthful Kathryn Bernardo.

Don’t get us wrong. Both of these actresses are pretty and Shara is lucky to be compared to them. However, we personally think that the whole Kathryn look suits her most. It was not surprising that Jovit Baldovino would be dragged into the issue.

Netizens were in complete disbelief that any man can cheat on someone like Shara. It was June of last year when Shara revealed to Tito Boy that the singer had a side chick.

“Bilang babae ay nasaktan po talaga ako na nagbigay siya ng panahon at effort na dalawin iyong isang babae while kami noong baby ay naghihintay lang sa bahay.”

But all of the controversy surrounding the pair has been moved to the side. They all look like they’re enjoying separate lives. As long as their child is taken care of and loved by both adults, then all is well.

Watch the video below:

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Source: Youtube

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