Netizen almost breaks Montero’s window after seeing a 2 year old child locked inside without supervision

A child around the age of 2 years old was heard crying from the inside of a heavily tinted Fortuner in Metrowalk’s parking lot during the peak hours of the night. The car was locked and the windows were all closed. According to video poster Jasper Pascual, it was very fortunate that he was parked beside the said car. While going in his own vehicle, he apparently heard a faint crying sound. He realized that there was a child locked in the car when the 2-year-old started hitting the car’s windows as a plea for help as he was starting to lose air. Pascual could not help but feel enraged at the parents of the child for leaving him there in exchange for a good time in the vicinities of the area.His anger gave him thoughts of breaking the Montero’s window just to get the baby out. Fortunately, he was able to keep his composure and chose to report the incident to the security guard instead.

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After 5 minutes after being called, the child’s parents finally showed up. Pascual stated that the parents were even irritated that they got called out by the security. For privacy reasons, he chose not to continue filming the incident. Instead, he just publicly announced a message wishing that the next time parents decide to do this, he hopes that they do not involve their children. This was a message for parents in general and not just the ones involved.

Here are the comments from the netizens:

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Source: Pilipinofeed, Facebook

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