Corgi brothers deliver for pregnant mom

I am pretty sure that at least once in our lives we have all heard the famous saying “A dog is a man’s best friend”. Kristin Waner, a birth photographer, remembers how she was able to catch the living embodiment of a dog being man’s best friend in 2 of the 3 births of Brooke (the mother) that she witnessed. The first one was when Brooke gave birth to Boyd, her first born. While in labor, she saw how Ryder, their Corgi, accompanied Brooke the whole time. He checked up on her if she was okay, gave her cuddles as she went through contractions and accompanied her as she walked in pain during the process. It was very heartwarming and luckily, Kristin was able to witness something like it again.

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For the birth of Berkeley, another child of Brooke, Ryder was not around so it was his Corgi brother Ranger’s turn to be on guard duty. Once the grueling hours of labor came, Kristin took as many pictures as she could to document how hardworking both Ranger and Brooke were. Every interaction was very touching and it would really be unfortunate if it was not captured on film.

After the birth, Ranger came in the room to meet his new sibling and instantly loved her. This was the beginning of a new bond. At the same time, it was also a continuation of a current bond that just got better as they reached another milestone. In two very important events, the Corgi brothers Ryan and Ranger were what Brooke exactly needed at the time. And just like her, they delivered as well.

The bond between a family and its members is one of the greatest thing that exists in this world. The factor of having dog can make it deeper, more meaningful and a whole lot cuter. I hope everyone finds companions as loyal and loving as Ranger and Ryder. At the same time, I hope everyone finds a bond like this family’s as well.

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