Generous man gives spare clothes to junk collector without knowing it would change his life

Let’s read this fictional account of a kind store owner and a junk collector he so generously helped.

Francis loved working at his sari-sari store. He saw it as his very own child – a product of his hard work and dedication. He made sure his business is doing alright by regularly maintaining it. He held it dearly as it greatly helped his family survive and also financed his children’s education.

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One day, Francis and his wife were cleaning out their house as they normally do. The couple was very busy managing their store through the busy week that made them neglect their house for a bit. Clothes were scattered everywhere.

“We have so much clothes that our entire house could set on fire if we light a match,” his wife told him.

However, Francis thought that despite having so much clothes lying around his house, it would be a waste to just throw them in the garbage.

In a fortunate twist, a young junk collector passed by their house. Francis thought that the overabundance of clothes in their house would help the kid greatly so he approached him and gave him his family’s spare clothes.

“Take these and see if they fit” he said. The boy’s face immediately lit up.

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“Thank you very much,” the junk collector replied to the kind store owner.

Years passed and Francis’ children all started their own families. He and his wife stayed at the same place and continued to manage their small sari-sari store. Sadly, his business was not going well because of new competition. Soon enough, he was faced with the biggest decision of his life.

“We spend more than earn in maintaining this store. We need to shut it down. I know our children would help us survive anyway,” his wife said.

However, Francis couldn’t just let go of his precious store. He insisted that it was important to him.

Francis was close to agreeing to his wife’s idea when a young man pulled up in a fancy car.

“I will give you the money you need for capital,” the man said. The couple was bewildered by the stranger’s kind gesture.

When they asked him who he was, he replied, “I’m the junk collector you helped years ago. The clothes you gave me served as an inspiration for me to succeed. This time, I want to repay your kind deeds.”

This fictional story proves that any form of kindness – be it big or small – can create a huge ripple in someone’s life.

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