Neri Naig shares how she forgave Chito Miranda after he cheated on her

Neri Naig just proved that love indeed conquers all. In a lengthy blog post, Neri revealed how her husband, Chito Miranda, cheated on her in the past. However, she said she has long forgiven him for his indiscretions because she loves him very much.

Neri shared:
“Ang lagi ko talagang sinasabi sa kanya (Chito) noon, ‘Alam mo perfect ka n asana eh, kung di ka lang malandi.’ ‘Yung kalandian naman ni Chito, pagpapacute lang sa mga girls. Hindi naman umaabot sa punto na may mangyayari sa kanila ‘nung mga kalandian niya. Takot naman siyang magkaron ng sakit.”

The actress added that if things had reached that point in the past, their relationship probably wouldn’t have lasted this long.

Neri also explained why Chito used to flirt with girls all the time. According to her, her husband said he wanted to feel like he was desirable, and that it was entirely for his ego. However, Neri said she still considered Chito’s texting and calling other girls cheating.

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So, how did the loving wife find it in her heart to forgive her husband?

“So ano nga ba ang ginawa ko? Pinatawad ko nang paulit ulit si Chito kasi mahal ko siya. Mahal na mahal. Sobra. Madali bang patawarin si Chito? Oo. Dahil nga mahal na mahal ko, at dahil rin tanga ako at nagpapakamartyr noon, okay na ulit kami.”

Neri Naig added that she never nagged Chito Miranda for the things he did, saying she believes that forgiveness should be unconditional.

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