Meet model Karina Johnson, called the newest Kim Domingo

Watch out, Kim Domingo, Karina Johnson is here!

With so many Instagram babes all over the Internet, it’s only a matter of time before we find someone comparable to “Asia’s Fantasy.” Although these ladies aren’t really carbon copies of each other, nor do they have the same body, Kim and Karina are being matched up for one obvious thing: their mercury-sizzling hotness.

But, first things first – who exactly is Johnson?

A quick search on the Instagram finds that Johnson is a half Puerto Rican, hence her snow-white skin, voluptuous figure, and Eurocentric beauty. Aside from being an Internet star, she’s known for being a model – particularly for swimsuits and lingerie – as well as a brand ambassador for a startup business.

As we browse through her feed, we get why this woman is being dubbed as the next Kim. Why, didn’t the Bubble girl also make waves for her foreign looks and covetable body? And she’s a resident muse for FHM, too.

Johnson is clearly not that famous yet, but, with an active modeling career and large following, it’s safe to say that she’s right on the same path. Until that time comes, we’re all free to admire the social media sensation!

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Check out her amazing photos here!

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