Furious wife undresses husband’s mistress’ body and smothers her with fish sauce, chili powder on her

If you’re curious how salty and spicy can your wife or girlfriend be, then cheat on her. We’re not kidding. If you can bear such powerful fury from your lover or spouse, or at most you’re not afraid to face your eternal rest, then go ahead and be a fickle. But this heads-up isn’t solely meant for you, unfaithful folks. Might as well, keep your side chick protected at all costs (lock her inside a giant safe, hide her overseas, or whatever) or else she’ll have to face the wrath of your real partner. Take it from this furious wife who ridiculed her husband’s mistress in public by battering her and pouring fish sauce and chili powder on her bared body.

According to Daily Mail’s report, an unnamed married woman stormed at 30-year-old Giang Jun’s beauty spa in Vietnam and dragged her out on the crowded street. She then thrashed Jun and ripped off her clothes, then smothered her with fish sauce and chili all over her defenseless physique.

A passerby, named David Pam, then opted to take footage of the ongoing squabble. According to his account, the furious woman was repeatedly hitting the alleged helpless mistress with the help of her friends.

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“There was lots of cursing at the woman. The wife said she had been married for ten years and that the beauty spa owner had destroyed her marriage. There were a group of women helping her. She pulled her hair and slapped her. She put chilli powder over her body in the middle of the High Street. The victim showed no resistance, she just was on the ground and received it. I think she was taken to hospital because of [REDACTED] caused by the powder.”

Lam Son Ward, Tan Hoa’s police chief, stated that the news about the altercation reached their office around 10 in the evening. However, cops weren’t able to get a hold of the assailants when they arrived at the scene. They also recommended Jun to file charges against her muggers.

Nguyen Chi Phuong, Tan Hoa police station head, said:

“It is not a defence [sic]or justification that there is a conflict of love between the husband and wife. If they are no longer affectionate they should respect each other and divorce in accordance with the law. If there are grounds to prove that the husband shows signs of violating the marriage and family structure, there are many legal ways to settle the case, such as making an application to the local administration or the police office for settlement.”

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