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Vice Ganda helped his maids finish college and sponsored their makeovers for the graduation ball

As a public figure, Vice Ganda has his fair share of harsh critics, many of whom describe him as rude or tactless. However, underneath the jokes and the unfiltered insults, this award-winning actor has a heart of gold. We’ve repeatedly seen how the famous comedian generously treats those he cares about. These, of course, include the loyal people who work for him.

If you consider yourself a “little pony,” then you would know all about Vice Ganda’s Angels. These are the hard-working women that the “It’s Showtime” host hired as his housemaids. We even saw one of them star in multiple viral videos alongside their kind employer.

With all the blessings that has come Vice Ganda’s way, the box-office star never became greedy. In fact, he did his best to give back to those who are near and dear to his heart. Vice’s maids Jacquelyn Guerrero and Emelyn Freo were lucky enough to receive life-changing aid from their amazing boss.

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It turns out that Jacquelyn and Emelyn planned to stay with the comedian for only one year. But Vice apparently talked them into staying for much longer because he was willing to help them get into college. He generously took care of the school expenses for the maids’ education under STI.

Now that his maids are finally graduating, Vice Ganda had another surprise waiting for them. Knowing that the school had a graduation ball, the “Vice Cosmetics” founder prepared a wonderful makeover for his Angels.

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See the results of the makeover below!

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