Taxi passenger recalls her experience that would later change her life

It was a normal night for Myka when she happened to meet a taxi driver who was bound to change her life forever.

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You see, the woman is a call center agent who works at BGC. At the time, she was assigned to an evening shift – 2AM to 11AM – which means that she has to travel from her home in Cavite to Taguig during the wee hours. Risky, yes, but she knew very well the nature of the job.

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One night, Myka was unfortunately left behind by a bus bound to her workplace. So, what else could she do than hail a passing taxi?

And so, a white vehicle passed by. Their conversation went something like this.

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“Myka: Kuya, BGC lang.

Taxi driver: Saan po sa BGC?

Myka: Sa W City, ituturo ko na lang sa ‘yo ‘pag andun na.”

Somewhere along their ride, there was a seemingly desolated, dimly-lit road that they had to pass by. Naturally, with cases of taxi hold-ups in the metro scaling, Myka felt uneasy in the presence of her driver.

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However, the passenger was shocked when the driver reached out to a plastic placed on the passenger seat, and asked for a minute. When he came back to the vehicle, he said:

“Ma’am, sorry, hindi ko kasi nadalhan ng pagkain ‘yan si lola kanina dahil nasiraan ako ng taxi. Kawawa nga kasi gutom na gutom na siya.”

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With a smile, Myka excused the driver and thought to herself all throughout the ride how this world isn’t such a bad place, after all.

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