Jodi Sta. Maria gets body shamed for her figure

Last week, Jodi Sta. Maria, together with her son and family, flew to The Bahamas for a much-needed break from her showbiz life.

Nevertheless, the multi-awarded actress would soon realize that the worlds of social media and entertainment are perpetually intertwined. While she managed to get out on a trip like a normal tourist, she wasn’t able to escape from the shadows of her critics as a celebrity.

Case in point: her abs-baring snapshot as she sunbathed in the sands of the Bahamas.


With such dedication to a fit lifestyle such at Jodi’s, it didn’t come as a surprise that the celebrity mom sports ripped abs. Even her leading man Robin Padilla was impressed!

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“Healthy living”

ABS-CBN senior sports correspondent, triathlete, and tennis player Dyan Castllejo also gave her two thumbs up.


However, it appears that not everyone wasn’t too happy with Jodi’s physique. Most fans expressed concern upon seeing her slim bod.

“Jodi, pls. Assure us your fans that you’re healthy. I’m worried every time I see you on TV looking so thin and with a slouched posture. To think that cameras add 10 more pounds. Pano na sa personal. Pls be safe. #worriedaboutyourhealth”

“Need to put on more muscles mam.”

At any rate, as long as Jodi is happy with her body, then all the haters should leave her be.

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Source: Instagram , YouTube

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