Kira Balinger was called the next Liza Soberano of the Philippines!

Showbiz is all about finding the next great superstar ready to take on the industry by storm. While we do have amazing actors already included in the roster, network executives are always on the lookout for new talent. This is why people are rejoicing the discovery of Kira Balinger, the young actress who is declared to be the next Liza Soberano.

Who wouldn’t want to have another woman who looks like Liza Soberano to be creating brilliant work for us? This 17-year-old moved to the Philippines from United Kingdom when she was younger and is now one of the country’s most promising talents.

Kira Balinger signed with Star Magic and went through a lot of intensive acting workshops before getting her big break. The actress was part of “The Story of Us” cast but unleashed her full potential by top-billing a “Maalaala Mo Kaya” episode.

Starring alongside Yves Flores, Kira showed a range of emotion with a performance comparable to the beloved “Bagani” star. Maybe this is a sign that the young woman is set to follow Liza’s footsteps.

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In an exclusive interview with PEP, Kira shared how she still has a lot left to learn in this business.

“I’m very honored… pero syempre, there’s always room for improvement; there’s always room for learning. It doesn’t stop there, there’s no such thing as good or excellent. You can always be better than your last work. I’m very happy with the career I have right now and I’m still growing. I’m very thankful to those people who mold me, who take time to critique me, who mentor me as well. I’m very blessed.”

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