Kathryn Bernardo shares life hack to keep your pants’ zipper up

Kathryn Bernardo may be a big star, but she loves a good life hack just like everyone else. In a short video clip, the “La Luna Sangre” actress shared how she keeps the zipper of her pants up with this neat and cool trick. Her secret? A keychain.

According to Kathryn, her character, Malia, has to do a lot of action scenes. This means she has to perform a lot of stunts and exaggerated moves, all while keeping her look intact. Because of this, the actress came up with a hack to keep the zipper of her pants from opening.

The Teen Queen showed how she has attached a key ring to the whole in her zipper. To keep her pants from falling down, she would lock her zipper with the keychain by inserting the button of her pants into the ring. Pretty cool, huh?

Kathryn swears by this trick, saying she can move however she likes as long as she does this with her zipper.

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If you want to see how the 21-year-old star does it, you can view the video here:

Meanwhile, netizens seemed to react more on Kathryn’s manner of speaking rather than her life hack:

“spg nga.. sobrang pabebe girl”

“Tang ina parang may baklang nagsasalita sa likod ng camera”

“Pabebe pa rin pagsalita niya kadiri”

“parang nag baby talk si kath ah ? pero ganda parin ni idol !”

Seriously, these people should just focus on the trick Kathryn shared and not on her voice.

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Source: TNP

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