Kris Aquino brings out James Yap’s dirty laundry anew

Kris Aquino has run out of patience for her former husband, James Yap.

During an exclusive interview on “Cristy Ferminute” last June 7, the TV host-turned-vlogger was prompted to speak out against the basketball player anew, particularly his flawed relationship with their only son, Bimby. As per usual, Kris has nothing short of shocking revelations.

Previously, the celebrity mom has already made headlines after calling out James for greeting their son a happy birthday through social media. This, despite the father not having reached out to her and Bimby for a long while – something that Kris has countless times implied as pure hypocrisy.

However, what most don’t know is that this wasn’t the only time that ex-husband has crossed the line. There were many instances that pushed the mother and son to ultimately cut ties with James – especially after his last comment on Bimby that was done in poor taste.

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According to Kris, James shamed Bimby after actually questioning his identity during their custody hearing way back in 2013. Take note: this all happened when the kid was still a tender six years old.

“So, very clear ang message. So, dun ako nagwawala, as any mother, magwawala. And unfortunately… and I’m not allowed to talk more about it kasi settled na yan at tapos na.”

For her last words, the Queen of All Media wishes James genuine ‘happiness’, if that’s what it takes for him to leave her and their son alone.

“And ito ngayon, ah. And I can say this now with no kaplastikan because kilala niyo ako, I wish them well, I wish them happiness, because I don’t want them to bother us. Yun, ganun lang. Just do not bother my son, do not mention my son, peaceful tayong lahat.”

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