Husband shares how his pregnant wife survived rare illness

When couple say their “I dos” in front of the altar, part of the vow they make is to love and care for each other, through good times and bad times, in sickness and in health. This is the promise that Limuel Orense De Silva kept to his wife when they made their vows in front of their loved ones and in front of God. Unfortunately, his better half was struck with an illness while she was three months pregnant with their child.

Limuel’s wife was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome – an illness in which the immune system attacks healthy nerve cells in one’s peripheral nervous system.

This made his wife unable to move her entire body.

Sadly, their unborn child was unable to survive because of Limuel’s wife’s illness. Although it was an unfortunate event, Limuel remained positive and stayed by his wife’s side all throughout her ordeal.

Eventually, the doctors had to create a hole in the woman’s throat to prevent further complications which might come from her illness.

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Things were looking grim for the husband and wife but still, they did not give up on each other.

Soon enough, Limuel’s wife was nursed back to health. Even though it took months for her to recover from the disease, she still never lost hope, believing that she would survive. After she was declared free of the illness, she had to undergo therapy sessions to get her body moving once again.

In the end, Limuel’s wife was already able to walk without the assistance of anyone, not even her own husband.

The tube connected to her neck was also removed and she got another chance to live a normal life.

As of writing, Limuel’s wife is still continuously receiving treatments for the disease that struck her. Both of them are thankful to God for giving the woman a second chance at life.

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Walking without walker.. 😉We praise and glorify thy Father in heaven..

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