Young man admits having a forbidden relationship with his own mother

The internet is such a peculiar place. Amid the light-hearted stories that we see on the platform on a regular basis, there also lies the uncanny tales one couldn’t possibly fathom. Unless you’re a fan of unusual sagas, then you’ll probably be immersed with the story of this unnamed netizen who revealed that he was having a forbidden relationship with his own mother.

Given the wide practice of Catholicism in the country, this type of intimate relationship is considered taboo and a law-breaking act. But thanks to the anonymity, this man was able to narrate his forbidden romance with his mom. He began his Facebook post with, “Girlfriend ko si mama.” Moreover, the lengthy status seemed to have originated in the page “Rizal Vines” under the name Matt.

Matt shared that his mom had her first child – him – at the young age of 14. She was a battered wife in the hands of his constantly intoxicated father.

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When Matt was 16, that was when the first time he fell in love, and with his mother. She was initially furious when he decided to pursue her. Nonetheless, she gave in in the end and they became official. To make her feel special, Matt worked alongside studying to buy her gifts.

What’s more is that they actually engage in carnal glory, too

Matt, supposedly, is now in his 4th year in college. In his confession, he mentioned that he has plans to build a family with his mother when he graduates.
Below is Matt’s complete Facebook post.

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