Female Netizen Slammed The Critics Who Told Her That She Deserves A ‘Better’ Man

We can’t deny the fact that it’s pretty rare to meet someone who doesn’t judge a person based on his physical appearance. In this society where ‘good looks’ is what really matters, those who aren’t that good looking tend to think that they don’t belong. However, just when you’re about to say that all women are the same since every woman is searching for a good-looking man, the story of this female netizen went viral.

A female netizen refused to be just like the other women out there who are only after their boyfriend’s looks. This female netizen was once criticized by the the people they knew, just because of her boyfriend.

According to the reports, this woman’s boyfriend isn’t reall a good-looking man and since she’s one hot woman, people tend to think that she deserves better.

However, this female netizen refused to listen to her critics. Instead, she slammed them on a lenthy post where she also cited reasons why she chose to be with him and not her other suitors.

She revealed on her lengthy post that chose him over the other men because he’a different and he’s far from being the typical ‘pogi lang’ type of man. According to her, instead of judging him based on his appearance, she chose to look at the things that he have that most men don’t posses.

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The female netizen stated that her boyfriend is a hardworking man who completely accepted her and her daughter without any hesitation. For other men, it would be pretty tough to accept her since she already has a daughter.

In the end, she advised all the other ladies out there not to look for a man who’s just handsome, but rather choose to be with someone who could prove that he’s more than just a good looking man.

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