Netizen shared her 12-year-old cousin’s colorful dating life

To the 20-year-olds out there, finding love is quite difficult. Dating has changed so much and there are countless contradictory articles online teaching us how to do it “properly.” Well lucky for those who have a younger sibling, because these young teens nowadays surely know how it’s done.

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As a matter of fact, one Twitter user went viral after she shared her 12-year-old cousin’s conversation with another teen. But instead of the two conversing about school, TV shows, or games like the rest of us did back then, they were flirting with each other. Well, not just flirting. In fact, there were some “I love you’s” involved.

In the now deleted tweet, her male cousin started off by asking the girl if she already has a boyfriend. Surprisingly, she does. Not only is she in a relationship, she also revealed that she has had boyfriends in the past. Uhm… what?

What was more interesting was when the girl said “mahal naman kita eh” after the 12-year-old hinted that he got sad knowing that she is in a relationship.

There’s more to it. It turns out that the girl’s boyfriend no longer “cares” for her and that she’s “nagpapakatanga” — her own words — staying in a relationship with the boy.

Meanwhile, this adolescent kid was being suave himself. He took the golden opportunity and said, “bumitaw ka na, sakin ka nalang kumapit.” This kid knows what’s up.

A few days passed and the girl shared the news that she and her boyfriend had already broken up. Evidently, she’s devastated. The boy comforted her by saying, “Maghanap ka nalang ng iba… Hindi ko sinasabing gwapo piliin mo, ‘yung mabait, ‘yung kaya kang mahalin ng todo.” We should start seeking advice from this young man. Seriously.

Although their conversation is weirdly funny and cute, we can’t help but feel envious about these kids at the same time. They’re getting more action than we do! What’s up with that? Dating is hard.

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Source: Boychika

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