Get to know Meghan Gilbert and her fitness journey

Despite the rise in body positivity nowadays, there are still quite a number of people who poke fun at full-bodied individuals. Meghan Gilbert was one of those women who people made fun of because of her weight.

Feeling incredibly down, Meghan sought comfort in unhealthy foods. On her Instagram account she wrote about her journey, referring to her past self in the third person.

“She hated going shopping because every time she looked in the mirror, she would cry… So in order to feel better, she ate fries and drank a large Dr Pepper or 4.”

What’s worse is when Meghan Gilbert turned to illegal substances and hard beverages during parties. Unfortunately, such a lifestyle caused her to be sedated and abused. She also stopped eating, further damaging her already fragile health.

One day she woke up and said enough is enough. She packed her bags went off to change herself. She started eating right and working out. However, the most important change of them all was when she chose to change her mindset. She chose to love herself.

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A few years later, Meghan had lost a total of 80 pounds. She is now a fitspiration coach on Instagram where she shares countless workout routines that she swears by.

Meghan Gilbert is happy to share that she is no longer repelled by her looks nor is she insecure with her curvaceous body.

“I didn’t care what I looked like I just cared about what I felt like. I am confident and beautiful no matter what anyone thinks.”

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