Woman ends up being bed-ridden for 10 months after giving birth via caesarean

Camille Santos Carlos waited for nine months to finally bring her baby to the world, only to end up being bed-ridden for the days to come. The suspected culprit: a caesarian section gone wrong.

On June 1, Zenaida Santos made a desperate call on Facebook in the wake of her daughter’s ordeal. According to the distressed mom, Carlos had a healthy pregnancy leading to her childbirth – exactly why they couldn’t understand how and where things exactly went wrong.

After hours of waiting outside the operating room, Santos was shocked to find her daughter unconscious. Soon, Carlos’ condition got worse – she lost her eyesight, her sense of hearing, and ultimately became immobilized.

As furthered by Santos, they’ve been in the hospital for over 10 months now. What’s even worse, doctors still couldn’t give them answers no matter how they begged – leading the mom to file a lawsuit against the clinic at last.

Along with this was her wish for anyone who would be kind enough to step in to help them put the pressure on the alleged irresponsible and incompetent doctors of the hospital.

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“hindi po pinansial ang inihingi kung tulung. Sana matulungan nyo kami dun sa mga doc na sumira sa buhay ng anak ko.nag demanda pu kami ilang buwan napo hanggang ngayon wala parin po. Sana po ma awa napu kayo sa amin.maraming slmt po.”

Meanwhile, there are still no comments from the hospital’s side.

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