Facebook user claims that playing Mobile Legends made her ill

It’s no secret that many Pinoys with a smartphone are addicted to mobile video games. From Mobile Legends, to Clash of Clans – these video game undeniably pocketed huge sums from avid gamers. However, the question on everyone’s minds is “how much mobile gaming is too much?” A Facebook user claimed that playing a specific online game on her phone ruined her life.

Mhary Mundoc Idanan shared on Facebook what had happened to her after playing Mobile Legends tirelessly. According to her, she would often sacrifice sleep just to upgrade her character. She revealed that she would start gaming by 10 in the evening until six in the morning. Talk about dedication!

But in the hopes of protecting her team’s base and securing a higher level, Idanan paid a bigger price — her health.

On May 24, she posted a couple of pictures of her at the Quezon City General hospital. It turns out that the 23-year-old suffered a blood clot. As seen on her photos, a tube was connected to her nostril to help her ingest food.

“Kahit ‘yung mga doctor na sumuri sakin lahat sila nagulat dahil napakabata Ko pa paraa dumating sa point na ganito. Lantang gulay na ang katawan,” she wrote. “Tama po ang nababasa nyo kakaMOBILE LEGENDS ko po ‘to I think kasi ‘di na po ako natutulog.”

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Mobile Legends is such a huge hit in the Philippines. As a matter of fact, last April, the Mobile Legends Professional League Philippines (MPL Philippines) was launched. The grand prize? A whopping 5.2 million pesos.

Although the doctors did not confirm Mhary’s claim about the video game being the reason of her illness, that lifestyle still surely affected her health greatly.

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Source: Facebook

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