Yassi Pressman tries her luck dancing to the tune of Momoland’s Boom Boom

Every once in a while, the public is presented with songs that are highly popular leaving you with that LSS or last song syndrome. Some of these songs’ tunes are just so catchy that they become a craze among viewers. Forv example, we’ve had songs such as the Macarena, Ketchup Song, Asereje, and many more pave our way. At present though, we have been graced with the music of the Korean girl group Momoland and their song Boom Boom.

Admit it, you hear that song everywhere. Whether you’re riding the bus or simply strolling along inside a mall, the tunes of this song is simply hard to miss because of its catchy nature. Even though we couldn’t understand it because of its foreign language, it’s still pretty much fun to listen to. In fact, many individuals love dancing to this song. If you’re a regular browser of YouTube, then you’ll see loads of videos of people doing their own dance version of the Boom Boom song. One of the few famous local celebrities who tried her hand at it is Yassi Pressman.

Everyone knows just how talented she is when it comes to dancing which is why she decided to join in on the fun and dance to this Korean song.

In a video which has now gone viral on social media, Yassi can be seen doing the main steps of Boom Boom. Although it was a short clip, it was still quite entertaining to see her in action. If you don’t believe us, watch the video for yourself:

Source: Filipinovines

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