The Internet just found the real-life Sadako and it’s giving us all the chills

If you happen to be a fan of scary movies – or films in general – you most likely know about Sadako.

Sadako Yamamura (yes, she has a last name) is the main antagonist in Koki Suzuki’s “The Ring” novel series, as well as in its respective film adaptations. Here’s a backstory: Sadako is a young but “troubled” psychic who went into the deep beyond, figuratively and literally. After her life was taken, she was thrown into a well to try and contain her strong powers.

The thing is, she came back as a ghost to take her revenge through the means of a video tape. The way it works, she’s bound to get to whoever watches the tape exactly one week later, unless the victims show it to someone else.

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Once you read the series or watch the film, you’ll get a sense of relief because, after all, this is all just a work of fiction. But what if we say that the Internet just found the real-life Sadako? Would you still feel safe around your television?

Recently, netizens were abuzz over a short clip shared by Facebook page Denaihaiti Network. In said clip, a woman who looked just like Sadako was climbing on the second floor of a building using only her bare hands.

And she did it so fast, too, that you’d instantly have the feeling that you’re watching the vengeful ghost.

Could it be true? Unfortunately, we don’t know the answer just yet. With the spread of professional video editors out there, it’s also possible that this video is edited for the viewing pleasure of the thrill-seekers. Also, it’s fun to have something to talk about other than the regular news, right?

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Here, watch the video and see the for yourself. We’ll let you be the judge.

Source: Boychika

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