Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna’s 7-month-old Baby Tali is looking more squishy than ever!

Whether we admit it or not, we are all obsessed with celebrity kids. These cutie patooties are just a delight to watch! From Scarlet Snow Belo, to baby Letizia Dantes, and Kendra Kramer, we can’t get enough of their adorable snaps! But one we’re currently obsessing over is Bossing Vic and Pauleen Luna’s bouncing baby girl, baby Tali!

The seven-month-old Tali has grown to say the least. Her now chubby cheeks and squishy roll-like arms make us want to pinch her so bad! I wonder what bossing and Pauleen has been feeding this little girl? Well, whatever it may be, it sure looks like Tali is having a blast!

Because of her apparent weight gain, many social media users were concerned about Tali’s health. Come on guys, she’s a just baby! That’s literally baby fat!

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Another perk these celeb babies get aside from fame are gifts; tons and tons of presents from other showbiz personalities and loyal fans. Man, imagine the pile of gifts there will be on her first birthday this November. We can’t wait to celebrate along with her family!

Soon enough, this wave of celebrity babies will stand in their parent’s footsteps and will make it big in the entertainment industry.

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Source: Filipinovines

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