Maja Salvador dancing ‘Bboom Bboom’ while wearing school uniform will make your day

Filipino Vines recently reported that Maja Salvador “surprised” netizens on social media realm after a video of her dancing Momoland’s “Bboom Bboom” surfaced. Moreover, the article said that the actress was lauded by a massive drove of online users for perfectly grooving to the contemporary song.

You don’t say?

Of course, Maja will always manage to impress the audience. She is the country’s “Dance Princess” after all. If you’re an ardent follower of her Instagram page, then good for you for having consistent dose of her charm and exemplary dancing flair. And in accordance to the LSS-inducing South Korean hit, the Kapamilya star did not let herself stay out of the loop and published her own dance cover – while wearing a school uniform!

We’re still unsure, though, on why the actress was dressed as a high school student. Nonetheless, given her perpetually youthful glow, Maja looked as if she was indeed a teenage girl.

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In the video, the person taking footage could be heard giggling at Maja’s act. Maja, on the other hand, seamlessly danced to the song while prettily smiling at the camera.

Check out Maja’s cover of “Bboom Bboom” below.

Still want more? Then head over to Maja’s Instagram page and be amazed by her dance rehearsal snippets.

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Source: Filipinovines

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