Need a good laugh? This wife’s dog prank will surely do the trick!

They say there are two kinds of people in this world, a cat person and a dog person. For our co-dog lovers out there, you all know the struggle of wanting to adopt all dogs. But for those living with someone, it is a struggle to bring every stray dog home. Especially if it’s not a dog.

Who can forget that 2016 hilarious coyote prank of a woman to her husband? Does it ring a bell? Well, for those who don’t know or forgot, let us re-tell the story.

One day, Kyla Eby sent her husband Justin Bogh a photo of a “cute little dog”. She then said that she felt bad for the stray “dog” who doesn’t have any tags or identification, so she brought it inside. What followed was a picture of the “dog” lying beside their son.

When Bogh finally had a grasp of what was going on, he lost it to say the least.


The man then ordered his wife to put it back outside. But the wife insisted on keeping it.

Annoyed by his wife’s crazy antics, he jokingly said that he wants a divorce.

“That thing better be outside before I get home. I swear to God woman. You are another level of crazy. Bringing coyotes in the house,” he warned.

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But the wife’s evil prank didn’t stop there. She argued that the “dog” was sweet and she wanted to take care of it.

“ARE YOU SERIOUSLY NOT GETTING THIS? Is this a twilight zone? THAT’S OBVIOUSLY A COYOTE.” Jeez, this is hysterical but we feel bad for this man.

“I love you, despite the fact that you regularly loose your mind, and I’d hate to see you or own son attacked by a COYOTE. I’m on my way,” he said.

Oh, but it just keeps on getting better. Kyla then sent him a picture of three more coyotes saying that they were outside their house. So, Justin, of course, became more livid.

Finally, the wife admitted that there was no coyote at all and that it was just photoshop.

Luckily, Justin was a good sport and no real-life divorce happened. Just thousands of happy social media users.

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