James Reid’s half-sister, Lauren Reid, is ‘the new it girl’ to look up to

Any girl in the country today can never hold herself back squealing in kilig over James Reid’s charm. Yes, he’s irrefutably captivating. But when his half-s sister, Lauren Reid, began gracing our sights, we were totally intrigued. We realized that good looks, indeed, run in their family.

But Lauren proved that she is not just the Kapamilya heartthrob’s sibling. Soon enough, she began appearing in magazines, such as in Mega, Preview, Chalk, Rogue, Scout, to name a few.

Her dance rehearsals, published on her Instagram account, are also an indication that she shares the same flair as James. Her OOTDs and her workout clips do not fail to spark motivation among her swiftly growing fans. Here’s a fun fact, though. Her style peg is the U.S. Former President Barrack Obama. She explained with Rappler:

“Because he wears the same thing almost every single day. The idealistic mindset behind wearing the same thing everyday is that they have more time to thing about the more important things during the day.”

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In 2016, she earned the title “the new it girl.” She was just a few months long in the ‘biz and she already managed to clinch the appellation. When asked about her reaction to her moniker, she shared:

“It’s really flattering and I don’t know if I totally agree with it, but the way I see an ‘it girl’ is someone who’s relevant and in-the-now, and I believe that that’s true, I’m here at the moment, so I’ll take that.”

Despite her instant feat, she remained grateful for her brother James who opened doors for her to venture the industry.

“I’m tied to the family name, which is definitely one thing. And James did in a way present me on his Instagram, so. And it’s nothing that I would regret anyway, it’s… I’m thankful for it.”

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Watch the video below.

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