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Photographer Diana Kim shows her father the article she wrote about finding him

Back in 2015, a photographer named Diana Kim finally showed her father a gripping article about finding him as a homeless man in the streets of Honolulu. Their unbelievable story captured the hearts of people then, however, it seems as though netizens still can’t get over the emotional reunion up to now.

According to NBC News, it was a project that aimed to cover the lives of homeless people that led Diana Kim to her father. The photographer said that she saw a familiar figure sitting on the street and knew right then who that man was.

What followed was a string of heartbreak and failed attempts at reconnection. But after a light bulb moment, Diana showed her father the camera and that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. It appears as though her estranged dad was the one who taught Diana everything she needed to know about photography.

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It was just the thing that broke him out of his deteriorating mental health to recognize his daughter. Months later, Diana showed her father the article that has swept a nation to tears. The pair exchanged meaningful conversations as he remembered small details about being homeless. This amazing daughter gave him a copy of the article to remember how far he is now from his former life.

Diana said that his transformation was a miracle, and you know what, we think so too.

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