Ella Cruz showcased prowess in dancing KPOP

We can’t exactly pinpoint when was the first time Filipinos were fascinated with Korean Pop (K-pop) songs. However, there’s no denying that it is now making a wave in the global music industry. With their catchy and upbeat songs, millennials can’t help but sing along to – although they don’t really know the lyrics of the song. Also, despite the fact that their dance steps are really complicated, still many teenagers allot an ample amount of time to memorize the choreography. One of them is our very own “Dance Princess” Ella Cruz. The 21-year-old actress has been vocal about her fascination with KPOP music.

Recently, Ella showcased her prowess in dancing when she graced to (G)I-DLE’s hit song “Latata” while at Osaka Castle Park in Japan.

On her Instagram caption, Ella wrote:

“I LOVE YA! New fave group, new fave song, new fave dance.”

In case you’re unfamiliar with the aforementioned KPOP group, (G)I-DLE is the newest girl group in the KPOP industry. Based on the information given by showbiz site KPopmap, the group is consists of six members who just had their debut on May 2. They are the newest breed of talents of renowned agency CUBE Entertainment.

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Moreover, Ella shared in her previous interview on “Magandang Buhay” how she got into KPOP. She shared that she started her fangirling journey when the now-defunct KPOP all-girl group 2ne1 released their debut single “Fire” in 2011.

“Nung una sila lang yung kilala ko. Sa school, may mga classmates ako na mahilig din sa KPOP tapos dun na ako nainfluence.”

Since then, Ella became more and more interested in the Korean Culture.

September of last year, the actress went to Seoul in South Korea and attended an event of her favorite K-Pop girl group, Black Pink. There she experienced what it means to be a fan.

She narrated that she waited for a couple of long hours in the middle of the freezing weather just to catch a glimpse of her favorite idol.

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Source: instagram

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