Cristalle Belo and Justin Pitt welcome firstborn, Baby Hunter James

Celebrity cosmetic expert Dr. Vicki Belo’s daughter, Cristalle Belo, has finally given birth to her firstborn with her hotelier husband Justin Pitt. In an Instagram post, Cristalle shared that their child — Baby Hunter James — was born prematurely. She also asked for everyone’s prayers for their bundle of joy’s health.

Nonetheless, Cristalle assured her followers that she and the baby are fine. As a matter of fact, she and her beloved spouse are excited to cuddle with their little one.

The celebrity surgeon’s daughter delivered Baby Hunter at the Makati Medical Center. The 5 lbs. 8 oz. baby was delivered via c-section with the assistance of Dr. Martin Manahan. In an Instagram post, Cristalle’s husband, Justin, expressed his gratitude to the attending physician.

“Cristalle was calm and brave despite the chaos at times and Dr. Manahan was simply amazing.”

Cristalle Belo and Justin Pitt announced the pregnancy in March of this year. In Cristalle’s post, she mentioned that she’ll be delivering their child by July. Yet, Baby Hunter James arrived rather early. Of course, the elated parents were more than happy to welcome him into their lives.

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Justin wrote on Instagram:

“On Monday we welcomed our little man Hunter J. Pitt into the world, he was eager to meet us, so came a little early.”

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Source: ABS-CBN

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